Eyelash Extensions: $125-150 Full Set, $50 fills

        Skip the lengthy makeup routine in the mornings. Wake up with beautiful full lashes from classic, volume,         or a mix of both that will last  you 2-4 weeks, for an effortless and flawless look.

Lash Lift: $100

     Lift your natural lashes to give you a natural curl, lasting 3-5 weeks. Add a tint for $25.

Waxing: $25-$40

        Brow wax starting at $25, add tint for $20. Full facial wax at $40, for a smooth and beautiful finish. 

Facials: $75

     Relax with a wrinkle lift, or acne lift chemical peel to rejuvenate your skin and leave you moisturized and          glowing!